An office manager at Juneau Boint & Joint Center was unable to explain why she used the corporate credit card for personal purchases over 7 years of employment and half a million dollars! What did she buy, fuel, utilities and phone payments  ($80,087.39); groceries and liquor ($76,672.44); and entertainment or travel ($36,832.71). Trips to Portland, Las Vegas, Los Angeles (to visit Disneyland and see Tim McGraw in concert), Hawaii and Seattle (where she saw P!nk in concert and watched a Seahawks game) were also charged to the card. She also paid for her animals vet fee, her restaurant bills and her shopping sprees using company funds.
Who is she: her name is Christina A. Leamer. She embezzled company funds a week from her start date in September 2007 till she left the company in October 2014. Leamer was incharge of not only taking care of the office and ordering supplies but also payroll. So apart from showering herself with gifts she also was paying herself unauthorized wages, calling it vacation leave payments! So the company paid for her trips and also her vacation!
The discovery of the fraud came when the new office manager Joseph Powers took over and found inconsistencies in the reports. The owners of the business then hired a forensic certified public accountant from the Ketchikan firm Milner, Howard, and Palmer to help them unravel the mystery.