In response to the July report issued by US SEC (which did not give any idea as to whether and when would the SEC decide on adoption of IFRS by its constituents), the IASB issued its own analysis of the situation.
According to the International Accounting Standards Board, in the absence of SEC making a decision on the adoption of IFRS , IASB believes that the decade of convergence may now be followed by a few years of divergence. The report of the IASB also provides a point-by-point response to the SEC’s study.
The chairman of the IASB trustees, Michael Prada, said “While acknowledging the challenges, the analysis conducted by the IFRS  Foundation staff shows that there are no insurmountable obstacles for adoption  of IFRSs by the United States”.
Let us see now whether the SEC /FASB comes back with any comments to the new report by the IASB.