Fee Techonlogy Inc, has created a patented software , Profit Solver®, that will revolutionize the accounting world. The software creates a direct relationship between the prices charged and the cost structure of the business. It is a mathematical approach to the accounting circle.
Each business, based on costs, will know the exact profit or loss in each fee charged or product sold.  It allows every business to set competitive prices and to see how one fee offsets the other to create and form their profit.  Based on costs, it will show if you can make the wages you want, how much time you can take off and how productive you need to be.  It can show you how to project a fee at any profit level and conversely, it can show the exact profit level in any fee you charge. Before you start a business, you will know if the prices you want to charge will cover costs.  Businesses will know a breakeven on each service performed or item sold, at any sales level.
A unique mathematical approach to solving the crux of business, what would the profit be for the products/services being sold.