The accounting firm JCCS’s employee Natalee Crumley was charged with two felony counts of forgery and writing and cashing unauthorized checks from JCCS’s business clients.
Crumley  has been an employee of JCCS as a bookkeeper for two years. Apparently, she has been issuing herself checks from the two clients that she was working for, beginning around June 2015. The two clients and victims of the fraud were Anderson Glass and Doors and Hardware Unlimited, Inc.
The discovery happened when the owner of Doors and Hardware Unlimited started reviewing his accounts as he was looking into why the business was unexpectedly losing large amount of money. Door owner’s bank had also called about suspicious deposits being paid to Crumley. Doors discovered 63 checks totaling almost $300K.
Apparently Crumley took several expensive vacations with friends and family. But when questioned she stated that the money was used for medical bills for her and her daughter! Either ways, the question is when accountants steal from clients- who can the clients trust!