Another big company, same old story. To meet the street’s expectation, the company tried to cook its books.
The allegation by SEC is that Dell met or beat the analysts’ earnings expectations by using a cookie jar reserve, from 2002 to 2006. Dell received from Intel, the computer chip maker payments not to use chips from Intel’s rival Advanced Micro Devices. It gets even more interesting, these payments accounted for 76% of Dell’s operating income in early 2007. 
So this is what Dell did. They put the payments that they got from Intel in reserves. Every time their financial results were below expectations they would use somepart of the reserves to bridge the gap. And this is how they kept looking good to the analysts, the street and the shareholders.
Well they paid the price. The company did not accept or deny the charges, they have agreed to pay $100M to settle charges. Their CEO Michel Dell agreed to pay $4M. A few more executives also agreed to pay fines.
Another accounting fraud, settled by fines!